Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear surgery is the removal of deformities in the ear structure with surgical techniques. This deformity, also called sailing ear, can be caused by insufficient level of ear fold or loose cartilage. Prominent ear problem, which does not cause any physical problems, may be desired to be corrected for aesthetic reasons. The fact that the ear is larger than the face can cause problems such as self-confidence problems in individuals. In such cases, it is possible to have prominent ear surgery by applying to a plastic surgeon who is expert in the field.

What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear, which is a deformity in the ears, is a problem that can cause aesthetic concerns. Although it does not have a negative effect on the function of the ear, it can cause self-confidence problems in people.

Cartilage tissue in the ear may be loose due to genetic factors. At the same time, the ear fold may not be at a sufficient level. As a result of such situations, the ear structure may have an image called prominent or sail ear. Prominent ear structure can also bring forward or backward curved ear shape. This structure can be seen in one ear or in both ears.

Prominent ears do not physically have a negative impact on the health of individuals. However, undesirable problems such as negative body image may occur in people. There may be the development of psychological disorders associated with the loss of self-confidence. In order to prevent such situations, it is possible to reshape the ear with surgical techniques by applying to a doctor who is specialized in plastic surgery.

What is Prominent Ear Surgery?

Some psychological disorders may occur in individuals with prominent ear deformities. There may be situations such as self-confidence problems and dislike for the appearance of the ear. The ear structure can be reshaped with surgical techniques according to the face shape and personal preferences of the people. This procedure, called prominent ear surgery, makes it possible for the ear structure to have an aesthetic appearance.

The ear structure, which is too large for the face and attracts attention, is made suitable for the appearance of the individual with the operation, also called otoplasty. This deformity, which causes the development of psychological problems from an early age, may also lead to the development of self-confidence problems in primary school children. Therefore, it is recommended to perform the surgery at an early age. The ear structure completes its development around 4-6 years of age. If there is deformity in the ear structure that has completed its development, it is possible to apply for prominent ear surgery in the pre-school or primary school period.

How is Prominent Ear Treatment Performed in Children?

If prominent ear deformity is detected in infancy, a treatment can be performed using elastic bands. These bands may eliminate the need for surgery in the future. However, prominent ear surgery can be performed in childhood if the prominent ear cannot be noticed in the early period or if these bands are not used.

Prominent ear problems can cause self-confidence problems, especially in children of primary school age. For this reason, it would be more beneficial to apply the surgery in the pre-school period. In this way, a healthier progression of psychosocial development is possible.

The ear structure completes its development around 4-6 years of age. During this period, it is possible to resort to surgery in children. Completion of the operation in a very short time and the short recovery period are the factors that facilitate the operation in children. For this reason, surgical intervention can be considered in the preschool period without waiting for adulthood.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

This procedure, also called otoplasty, is an operation that is completed in a short time. It is performed under local or general anesthesia. Generally, patients are provided with sedation in addition to local anesthesia to ensure that they are in a deep sleep state. In this way, pain or pain is not felt during the surgery process. The operation, which is performed in operating room conditions, is usually completed within 1 hour, although it varies from patient to patient.

During the surgery, a surgical incision is made behind or in front of the ear. Where the incision will be made may vary depending on the procedures to be applied. During the operation, the angle defect is removed and the ear fold is brought into the appropriate shape. In this way, the problem of the ear tilting forward or backward is also prevented.

What should be considered after prominent ear surgery?

When prominent ear surgery is completed, patients are taken to their rooms to fully wake up from sedation and rest. However, there is usually no need to stay in the hospital and the patients are discharged on the same day.

After the operation, a special band must be attached to the ears. This band stays on for an average of 2-3 weeks, making it easier for the ear to regain its shape.

  • There may be slight swelling and redness in the ears for an average of 5 days after the operation.
  • It is possible for patients to take a shower 1-2 days after the operation.
  • The postoperative recovery period of the patients is 1-2 weeks on average.
  • It is recommended to protect the ear against external factors during the healing process.