Lip Aesthetics

Lip aesthetics are aesthetic applications that make the lips look fuller, brighter and symmetrical. It can be done with a surgical method as well as with methods that do not require surgery. Filling injections are mostly preferred for applications such as plumping thin lips and making asymmetrical lips symmetrical.

What is Lip Aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics is an aesthetic application that allows the lips to be reshaped. The shape and volume of the lips are obvious from birth. This shape and volume is different for each individual as it is unique to the individual. For this reason, some people may be uncomfortable with their lips being thinner than normal.

Lips; It can also lose its fullness, symmetry and holistic structure with the wrong applications, wrong cosmetic products and accidents that it is exposed to. Cleft lip that may occur after accidents or from birth can be removed with aesthetic applications. At the same time, the vitality and volume of the lip can be restored with aesthetic applications. Lip aesthetics makes the lips, which form an important part of the facial expression of the person, look more beautiful.

Filling is one of the most preferred applications in lip aesthetics. The injection agents used are different from each other. Therefore, the duration of action of the procedure may also differ.

What Are the Types of Lip Aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics can be performed with surgical and non-surgical methods. Non-surgical lip aesthetic applications are frequently preferred because they are completed in a short time and make a significant difference in the expression of the person.

Lip augmentation methods are classified as follows:

Fillers Containing Hyaluronic Acid

The synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body and decreases in the skin with environmental factors and aging, is made by injection into the area where it is needed. Products containing hyaluronic acid can be of different intensities. Hyaluronic acid retains a high amount of moisture. This method provides a more beautiful appearance by increasing the brightness and volume of the lip.

Fat Fillers

It is made with fillers obtained from the person’s own fat cells. Fat cells are taken from areas of the body with excessive fat accumulation and injected into the targeted areas of the lips. Fat tissues taken from the hip, abdomen or thighs of the person with the surgical method are processed in the laboratory and converted into fillers. It is a very safe method because tissues taken from the person’s own body are used. The risk of causing side effects and allergic reactions is very low. Some of the fat cells used in lip fillers disappear over time. Compared to fillings containing hyaluronic acid, oil filling can make the lips look less natural. In addition, there is a risk of melting over time with fat injections made into moving areas such as the lips.

Surgical Procedure

In people whose lip structure is very thin or introverted, the lip structure can be turned outward by surgical methods. However, in cases where there is a lack of volume, it may be necessary to combine it with fat injection or hyaluronic acid filling applications.

How is Lip Aesthetics Performed?

Lip aesthetics is a procedure planned specifically for the person. Lips gain shine and volume with this application. Asymmetric lips are made symmetrical. Congenital or accidental cracks and clefts can be corrected with lip aesthetics. In this way, the lips have an appearance suitable for the face.

Lip fillings, which are performed for the lips to gain volume, are made by injection method. The lip area to be injected and the amount of substance to be injected are determined according to the needs of the person. The duration of the action may also vary from person to person.

Our patients do not feel any pain or pain during lip aesthetics. Many of our patients say that they only feel a very slight ache during the filler injection. Local anesthetic creams can be applied to people who are worried about the injection procedure or who want to feel comfortable during the procedure. Thus, no discomfort is felt during the procedure and even our patients who are afraid of injections can easily have the procedure done.

Lip aesthetic applications with injection are completed in a very short time. It takes about 10-20 minutes. After the injection, our patients can continue their daily lives. When the injection process is applied correctly, there will be no excessive bruising, swelling and redness in the area. In this way, side effects that will negatively affect the social life of the person do not occur.

Who Is Lip Aesthetics Performed?

Lip aesthetics can be done to anyone over the age of 18. Those with cardiovascular diseases, immune system diseases, muscle and nervous system diseases should consult a physician before the procedure. In line with the opinion of the physician, the lip aesthetic procedure is performed with the most appropriate method for the patient.

What Should Be Considered After Lip Aesthetics?

Since most of the applications for lip aesthetics are performed by injection method, the lips should be protected from physical contact and hot water for a few days after the application. It is recommended that patients who experience any side effects or problems related to the procedure consult their physician.