Buttock lift (Hip Aesthetics)

Hip aesthetics are the applications used to create the hip structure that will create the most suitable and aesthetic appearance for the body. For an ideal hip structure, it can be created by liposuction, lipofilling, butt lift and stretching processes. The hip structure, where the hips are not very prominent, the waist cavity and the upper body merge with the upper body, and the upper part forms a prominent protrusion, creates a very aesthetic appearance. For this, excess fat is removed and filling procedures are performed in the necessary areas. In this way, the wide and flat appearance of the basins is eliminated. A hip image with rounded lines is created.

This aesthetic operation, which can be applied by individuals who are not satisfied with the appearance of their hips, is performed by plastic surgeons who are experts in their field. In order to determine the actions to be taken, first of all, people should be examined. During this examination, what needs to be done to achieve an aesthetic and rounded hip is determined.

What is Hip Aesthetics?

With the wide hips, the flat and flat appearance of the butt; may cause aesthetic concerns in individuals. This situation, which triggers negative body image and self-confidence problems, can be eliminated by applying hip aesthetics.

Hip aesthetics is a term that covers different applications to achieve the ideal hip appearance, rather than a single operation. The thinning of the waist area and its combination with a rounded protruding butt line generally creates the ideal hip image. At the same time, it is not desirable for the basins to be too wide and flat. For this reason, it is necessary to remove oil from areas with excess fat. However, in order for the butt to have a more rounded appearance, it may be necessary to inject fat into the upper region.

Which procedures will be applied to which areas within the scope of hip aesthetics are determined by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in his field. Hip aesthetic applications, which are determined by considering the anatomical structure along with the patient’s wishes, provide the ideal image for individuals.

How is Hip Aesthetics Performed?

Before hip aesthetics, individuals are subjected to a specialist physician examination. After determining the ideal hip image and what procedures will be applied to obtain this image, the operation can be performed.

In order to provide a smooth transition from the waist part, this area is usually treated. Waist, hips and butt are reshaped to create an aesthetic appearance. The most frequently used applications during this shaping are:

  • liposuction
  • Lipofilling
  • butt lift
  • hip stretch
  • It can be listed as hip augmentation with silicone prosthesis.

Before the surgery, local or general anesthesia is applied to the patients. In this way, patients are prevented from feeling pain during the procedures. Generally, patients are kept asleep with sedative drugs given intravenously.

Excess fat tissues in the waist and hips are removed by applying liposuction. In this way, these areas can be thinned and shaped. A smooth and curved transition from waist to hip is ensured. The fat taken later is injected into the upper part of the buttocks to create a round and prominent appearance.

In addition, silicone prostheses can be used to lift the butt during hip aesthetics. These prostheses make it possible for the hips to have a more upright appearance. This procedure, also called butt lift, is performed by opening a surgical incision and reaching the butt muscle. Silicone prostheses are placed under the butt muscle fascia through the opened incision.

Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The procedure to be applied depends on the patient’s preference, medical condition and the opinion of the specialist physician.

What are the Advantages of Buttock Aesthetics with Fat Injection?

In this method, the fat taken from the waist, back and hip area with liposuction is injected into the upper part of the hip. In this way, it is possible to make the butt appear more shaped and upright.

Butt lift with fat injection is an operation in which the recovery period is much shorter. After the surgery, patients do not experience much pain. It is possible to return to normal life in a shorter time.

Liposuction is only effective on adipose tissues. Therefore, it does not have any negative effects on nerves, muscles, vessels and connective tissue. This ensures less bruising and swelling after the operation.

What are the Disadvantages of Hip Aesthetics with Fat Injection?

This method, which is frequently preferred because it is a more natural method and the healing process is much shorter, is a technique whose effects decrease with time. After an average of 1-1,5 years after the operation, losses in the injected adipose tissue begin to be seen. Because of this situation, the process may need to be repeated. However, if the patients do not lose excessive weight after the procedure, the duration of the injection is prolonged.

What are the Advantages of Hip Aesthetics with Silicone Implant?

This method which is preferred especially in patients who do not have enough fat, has a permanent effect. Silicone implants produced with advanced technology applications remain in the body unless patients choose to have it removed. For this reason, the upright and rounded appearance of the butt can be preserved throughout its life.

What are the Disadvantages of Hip Aesthetics with Silicone Implant?

In hip aesthetic surgery with silicone prosthesis, a surgical incision will be made on the hip, so a suture scar will occur. This incision is not very noticeable as it will be made on the coccyx and is performed with aesthetic suturing techniques as it is applied by plastic surgeons. However, this method may not be preferred in patients who still have suture scar concerns.