Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid aesthetics is the removal of deformities in this region. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Over time, wear and tear can be seen in the tissues located here. At the same time, due to genetic factors, eyelids may be drooping or drooping. In such cases, it is possible to obtain the most suitable eyelid image for the face type by applying to a plastic surgeon who is expert in his field.

Plastic surgeons reshape the eyelids aesthetically because they have deep knowledge and experience in facial anatomy. In this process, which also takes into account the patient’s wishes, sagging and deformed eyelids are tightened with the help of surgical techniques. This procedure, also known as blepharoplasty, helps the face appear younger.

What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

Eyelid aesthetics is the name given to surgical procedures, also known as blepharoplasty. The skin on the eyelids can be deformed by sagging for various reasons. With eyelid aesthetics, excess skin and muscle tissue in this area is removed. In this way, it is possible to obtain a younger look on the face with the tightened eye area.

It can lead to undesirable conditions such as sagging eyelids and tired eyes. This may cause individuals to feel psychologically unwell. Problems such as self-confidence problems may occur in patients. At the same time, sagging skin can also cause physical discomfort by restricting the field of view. In order to prevent such problems, it is possible to apply to eyelid aesthetics.

Patients who want to have eyelid aesthetics should apply to a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field. Plastic surgeons reshape the eyelids to achieve the anatomically optimal eyelid and correct face shape. During this procedure, the excess tissues on the eyelids are removed and the area is tightened.

Why Do Eyelids Sagging?

The main factor that causes sagging of the eyelid is advancing age. Therefore, eyelid aesthetics makes it easier to achieve a younger appearance. At the same time, the skin tissue in this area is much thinner compared to other areas of the body. Therefore, it is a very open area for wrinkles and deformation. It is also more easily affected by external factors such as the harmful rays of the sun. As a result of all these factors, signs of aging usually first appear in the area around the eyes.

As well as advancing age:

  • genetic factors
  • too much exposure to the sun
  • Use of harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes
  • sleep disorder
  • unhealthy eating habits
  • Factors such as intense work and chronic fatigue can also cause drooping of the eyelids.

What Should Be Considered Before Eyelid Aesthetics?

Before the operation, the use of drugs without the knowledge of the doctor should not be performed. In particular, drugs that can have blood thinning effects should not be taken as they may cause heavy bleeding during surgery. The use of aspirin and antibiotic-like drugs should be interrupted before the procedure. It is very important that you learn about all the drugs you use, by consulting your doctor, which ones you should continue and which ones you should stop.

Smoking should also be stopped before the operation in order for the wounds to heal faster after the operation. Taking a break from smoking 2-3 weeks before eyelid surgery will help wounds heal faster.

How is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Eyelid aesthetics is a procedure that can be applied to both upper and lower eyelids. In both applications, patients are kept under anesthesia so that they do not feel pain and suffering. Patients can be kept asleep by intravenous sedative drugs.

Upper eyelid aesthetics is also known as droopy eyelid surgery. During this surgery, excess skin and muscle tissue in the area is removed with surgical techniques. The surgical incision is made over the fold line of the eyelid in order to avoid incision scars after the surgery.

Lower eyelid aesthetics is applied to eliminate collapse and deformation in this area. For this process, first of all, the fat pads on the cheekbones should be suspended in place. These pillows may hang down with the effect of aging and gravity. Re-hanging them in place shows an effect to relieve the collapse that occurs in the lower eyelid.

If the deformation of the lower eyelids is not corrected after the fat pads are suspended, lower eyelid aesthetics is applied to eliminate bagging and sagging. With the help of an incision made below the eyelashes, excess skin and muscle tissue is removed.

What Should Be Considered After Eyelid Aesthetics?

The recovery period after the operation is very short. Applying ice massage to the eyelids after surgery minimizes swelling and edema formation. Burning and stinging may be felt in the operation area for a few days. During this period, it is beneficial to lie down with the head elevated. You can use pain relievers in line with your doctor’s recommendations.