Profiloplasty is the aesthetic interventions on the forehead, nose, chin, cheekbones and lips in order to achieve the golden ratio. In this way, the facial profile becomes much more aesthetic. Facial expression, on the other hand, provides a more expressive image. For a perfect facial profile, all areas that affect facial expression must be in harmony with each other. For this reason, aesthetic interventions are made to all areas such as lips, nose and chin that make up the profile.

Before profiloplasty, plastic surgeons examine patients in detail. In this way, the procedures that need to be done in order to create an aesthetic image that is compatible with the facial anatomy are determined. In this process, the wishes of the patients are also very important. It is important to make the necessary adjustments so that the image desired by the patient can be achieved, but while doing so, he can act in accordance with the facial anatomy. For this reason, profiloplasty is performed by experienced and expert plastic surgeons.

What is Profiloplasty?

Facial expression and profile are shaped by the organs in the face. Lips, nose, chin, cheekbones; are the areas that have an impact on the profile. These regions are compatible with each other and maintain certain angular ratios; It provides a much more aesthetic appearance to the face. Aesthetic interventions in these areas for a more dynamic, lively and youthful appearance are called profiloplasty.

When the triangle formed by the forehead, chin and nose provides a certain ratio, it is possible to make the face look aesthetically pleasing. When this region is close to each other at a ratio of 1/3, it is possible to catch the golden ratio in facial expression. In patients where this ratio does not exist, it is aimed to provide the golden ratio by making aesthetic touches to both the chin and nose area.

Surgical procedures on the chin, forehead, nose and cheekbones require maintaining the harmony of these areas with each other. For this reason, instead of intervening in a single area, it may be preferred to apply aesthetic procedures to more than one area by applying profiloplasty in order to ensure harmony. These procedures, also called profile aesthetics, provide patients with a natural and harmonious face shape.

How is Profiloplasty Performed?

Profiloplasty is an application planned specifically for the patient. It is possible to apply treatment to all areas that disrupt the golden ratio in the face area. Therefore, first of all, patients should consult a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field. The procedures to be performed during this examination are determined by considering the patient’s facial structure and wishes.

Generally, the chin, nose, lips, cheekbones and forehead areas are treated. During these procedures, patients are placed under general anesthesia. In this way, surgical incisions opened during the procedure do not cause pain and pain. Generally, sedative drugs are given to the patients through an intravenous line opened in the arm, so that the patients are kept in a deep sleep throughout the operation.

What Does Profiloplasty Cover?

Profiloplasty includes interventions performed in all areas that make up the facial profile. These:

  • Nose aesthetics, also known as rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid aesthetics, also called blepharoplasty
  • Chin tip aesthetics, also known as genioplasty
  • Cheekbone aesthetics
  • forehead aesthetics
  • Fillers and fat injections
  • It can be listed as endoscopic eyebrow lifting procedures.