Hand Aesthetics

Hand aesthetics Izmir are procedures performed to eliminate aesthetic problems at hand. Hands are at the forefront of the areas where signs of aging are seen. Because the hands are the organs that we use the most and that are exposed to the sun too much. In addition, cold weather, detergents, various chemicals are exposed to harmful environmental factors. Therefore, it begins to lose its shiny, elastic structure. With aging, the subcutaneous adipose tissue decreases and the veins become prominent; the appearance of wrinkles increases. As a result, hands begin to look wrinkled and old. Aesthetically, hands can be restored to their old bright, plump, healthy and lively form with many methods.

What is Hand Aesthetics? Why is Hand Aesthetics Important?

One of the most worn-out organs due to aging and environmental factors is the hands. Problems such as spotting on the hands, clarification of the veins, thinning of the skin, and wrinkles may disturb the person over time. Hands attract as much attention as the face in terms of aesthetics and are as visible as the face. For this reason, hand rejuvenation, like facial rejuvenation procedures, is frequently preferred today. At this point, hands can be made to look tight and full with different methods.

Hand aesthetics; It can be done not only for cosmetic purposes, but also to remove the deformation in the area after the accident. In case of damage to the skin in the area, deterioration of its integrity or loss of limb for various reasons, the aesthetic and healthy appearance of the hand can be preserved by surgical methods.

In Which Situations Is Hand Aesthetics Applied? Who Cannot Have Hand Aesthetics?

Hand aesthetics;

  • Wrinkle
  • Prominent appearance of veins under the skin due to decreased fullness and skin thickness
  • Remarkably prominent beams that move the fingers
  • It can be applied in the treatment of sun and age spots on the skin .

There is no special reason to prevent hand aesthetics. However,

  • Allergy
  • blood pressure and diabetes
  • It may be necessary to evaluate these factors before surgery and to make a treatment plan accordingly in people with disorders such as wound healing problems. For this reason, the patient’s history should be carefully examined before hand aesthetics and the most appropriate aesthetic plan should be made in line with the needs of the person.

Since wrinkles and spots on the hands start to bother people mostly by the age of 30, it is a more commonly preferred aesthetic procedure for people between 30 and 40 years old.

How is Hand Aesthetics Performed?

Hand aesthetics is a treatment that can be performed with different methods according to the condition of the deformation and the patient’s request. Chemical peeling and oil filling on the hand, also known as “hand filling”, are the most commonly preferred methods of hand aesthetics. The implementation of each method varies.

How is Hand Aesthetics Performed?

The most common methods used in hand aesthetics are:

Chemical Peel

The top layer of the skin, which has been worn and lost its shine, is peeled off. Thus, the dead skin is cleaned. It is a painless and painless procedure that can be completed in about half an hour. After the treatment, the tissues are revitalized and the complaints due to the wear of the skin are significantly reduced. It is a widely preferred method especially in the treatment of aging and sunspots. Depending on the intensity and type of stains, more than one session can be applied.

Hand Filling

It is a method often used to remove wrinkles on the hands. The injected filler helps the skin to gain a smoother and fuller appearance. Thus, the appearance of disturbed wrinkles is significantly reduced. Fat cells taken from the person’s own body or hyaluronic acid can be used in hand filling. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in the skin’s own structure, giving vitality and intense moisture to the tissues. For this reason, it helps to stretch the skin on the hand, reduce wrinkles and provide a youthful appearance in the area. There may be slight swelling and bruises after hand filling treatment, these are temporary. There are no side effects that will affect the daily activity of the person.


PRP is a very common treatment for aesthetic purposes today. In this method, “platelet” cells taken from the person’s own blood are used. These cells have regenerative and regenerative properties. Therefore, when injected into the area, it helps repair, strengthen and rejuvenate damaged tissues. Hand aesthetics with PRP treatment also helps to improve the appearance of excessively prominent veins and to eliminate the color inequalities that occur due to this.

Can Capillary Appearance Be Destroyed with Hand Aesthetic?

The skin becomes thinner with aging over time and the veins on the hand begin to be seen clearly. It is possible to get rid of this disturbing image with hand aesthetics. Especially with PRP treatment, the appearance of capillaries can be significantly reduced.

How to Treat Stains on the Hand?

With advancing age, the loss of subcutaneous tissue and thinning of the skin can cause wrinkles and spots on the hand. In addition, over time, sunspots can occur as hands are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun too much. This image may disturb the person. Spot treatment is possible with hand aesthetics. Chemical peeling or laser applications are widely preferred and successful results are observed.