Fat Filling (Lipofilling)

Fat filling is an aesthetic procedure performed to eliminate aesthetic defects and to create a more proportional and impressive facial expression by adding volume to the tissues. With filler applications, it is possible to shape the slightly arched nose, highlight the cheekbones or fill the pits that cause a disproportionate appearance.

What is Fat Filling? What are the Application Areas?

Fat filling is the process of injecting fat taken from different parts of the body, usually the abdomen, with excessive fat accumulation, into the desired area. The most common usage area is facial tissues. It is a procedure applied to obtain the desired image in areas such as lips, chin, cheeks, forehead and nose. In addition, it can be used to make the appearance of hips, breasts and legs more aesthetic.

Fat Filling Application Areas

  • Deep lines connecting the corner of the nose and mouth (nasolabial grooves)
  • Lips
  • cheekbones
  • Forehead, temples and the area between the eyebrows
  • back of the nose
  • chin tip
  • To add volume in areas such as legs, hips, trunk or breasts
  • It can be applied in any part of the body to eliminate collapses caused by soft tissue loss.

How is Fat Filling Applied? How Long Does the Fat Filling Process Take?

Fat filling is performed under local anesthesia and fat removal is performed by a specialist physician in a sterile environment under operating room conditions. The oil filling process may take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the area to be applied. We can summarize the stages of the application as follows;

  • Fat cells are taken with the help of very thin cannulas from the belly area or hip area of ​​the person to be filled with fat.
  • The fat cells taken are processed such as washing or centrifugation.
  • Fat cells, which are made ready for injection, are applied according to the targeted aesthetic application.

The face is one of the most preferred areas for fat filling. It can be applied to cheekbones, lips, temples, nose and lip line, eyelids, under eye, chin area, tear trough, lower jawbone. It is a method that can be applied to both women and men.

Facial fat filling is one of the frequently preferred aesthetic procedures for removing wrinkles. With aging, there may be a loss of fat tissue under the skin in the face area, in this case the skin begins to lose its tight structure. Thus, the appearance of wrinkles and pits occurs. It is possible to get rid of this disturbing image with the application of fat filling. Since the fat cells taken from the person are used, the risk of allergic reaction is almost zero. It is very safe and effective when applied by experts and experienced doctors in the field.

Lip Filling

One of the most preferred methods to achieve a fuller appearance on the lips is fat filling. For the application, fat is taken from the donor area and adipose tissue is prepared. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Mouth corners are selected for the injection of the fat filling. With this method, the desired lip appearance is achieved without surgery, pain and scarring.

Fat Filler for Nose

With fat filling, minimal aesthetic discomfort in the nose can be corrected with fat cells taken from the person’s own body without the need for nose surgery. It can also be applied as a rehearsal before rhinoplasty. It is a widely applied method in solving the problems of low nasal dorsum, arched nose and short nose. With this method, patients achieve a more aesthetic and flawless nose appearance in a practical, painless, non-surgical and scar-free way.

You can be discharged on the same day after the nasal fat filling procedure. It is not necessary to put ice on the nose area. It is only necessary to protect the nose from external blows. It is an ideal procedure especially for those who want to have a pleasant nose appearance proportional to the face, without surgery.

Is Fat Injection Permanent?

The cells transferred with the fat filling may melt in the moving areas and if they are exposed to pressure. For this reason, some excess of the need is transferred. However, after the revascularization of the fat tissue in the area where it was transferred, it will now be permanent in that area for life.

How Long Is Fat Filling Permanent? Does Fat Filling Melt?

Some of the adipose tissue applied after the fat filling process may melt, especially within the first month, and the remaining part may be permanent for life. Permanence rate in oil filling may vary according to the amount of application, application method and application area.